LED lights – Led headlights: Lighting for car.

Led headlights for carExperts of the car market believe: LEDs is the most likely successors of xenon in headlamps. They open up new horizons in the automotive industry, making driving more comfortable and safer. And there is nothing unusual in this process! Historically, the first conventional lamps replaced halogen, xenon then appeared, now all the rage is LEDs. LED provides a bright and powerful illumination of the road, comparable with the light of discharge lamps.

The glow is in the result of 100 outbreaks of diodes in the second, but the person sees it as a continuous homogeneous light. LED were used in the auxiliary lamps, brake and side lights, daytime running lights. LEDs gradually appear as the primary and only light source in the headlamps.

The distribution and the formation of a light beam LED headlamps, as well as in xenon, are engaged in projection lenses. To turn lighting lens rotates up to 20 ° with the steering wheel. But LED headlamps requires much less energy to create powerful lighting. This fact has a positive effect even on fuel economy.

It should be noted that the LED lights do not only shine as brightly as the gas-discharge lamps, but also allow designers and engineers to realize their most daring and sophisticated design solutions. For example, in the Audi A8 compact LED optic has different functions: from the turn-up cornering to dynamic of highway light.